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Become a Rossi's Vendor


Rates at Rossi's:

Outside Space Cost (per day): 
1 space
Friday: $10.00, Saturday: $18.00, Sunday: $20.00
Includes the NV Township Vendor Fee.
One outside space includes spot for one vehicle (standard car, van or pick-up truck). A trailer may require an extra rental space. One drop-off vehicle is included. Additional drop-off vehicles are full rate. We do not furnish tables or chairs.

Indoor Permanent Booths start at: $210.00 a month.

Contact Vendor Relations & Sales Manager:
or call Doris at 412-759-6814

The following Documents will assist you in the process of becoming a Vendor at Rossi's:

DOCUMENT 1:  General Regulations

DOCUMENT 2:  Rates / Times / Schedule Regulations

DOCUMENT 3:  Outdoor Regulations

DOCUMENT 4:  Food Regulations

DOCUMENT 5:  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)